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Taking care of surface waters and water resources together

One of the key environmental issues is how we can protect and manage our waters for future generations. It requires a lot of research, action and cooperation. This page directs you to sources of information. Water information is mainly provided in the service, which is complemented by the and järvi-meriwiki services.
Aerial view of a pond and its streams in the middle of a Finnish forest.
The ecological status of waters is at its weakest on coasts. Are we able to protect good quality waters? © Jamo Images, Adobe Stock

Is Finland investing enough in the management, protection and restoration of water bodies? Is water use sustainable in different sectors? Do we protect the good status of water bodies and the quality of groundwater? Future generations will ultimately recognize the impacts of human activities and the results of protection work.

Monitoring the hydrologial situation helps reduce risks

Hydrological monitoring and forecasts have been permanent favourite topics in the service. Nowadays they are available in the service. The forecasts help all who are interested to prepare for extreme situations, such as floods and droughts.

Hydrological situation, floods and droughts
Follow up the hydrology and anticipate risks (
Preparing for floods is becoming increasingly important
Prepare for floods in time (

Status of waters and monitoring

Although the status of waters in Finland is fairly good in many places, monitoring the status is necessary, and everyone interested in it can participate. You a water researcher?

What is the status of surface waters
Read about the status

Sustainable use of waters and protection of groundwater 

Proactivity is essential for the status and sufficiency of waters. In the case of groundwater, proactivity is necessary because its treatment is difficult and expensive.

Sustainable and proactive water use
Use water sustainably (
Proactively protecting valuable groundwater
Protecting groundwater (

Protection and management of waters and seas

Everyone can act and work in a water-responsible manner in their daily lives and participate in the protection and management of waters in many ways.

Many opportunities for the protection of waters and seas
Find your way to protect and manage waters!

Sometimes restoration is necessary

Sometimes it is necessary to start the restoration of a lake or river. Permanent results usually require restoration measures in the catchment. The contribution of volunteers and locals is almost always necessary.

Restoring waters together - everyone’s contribution is needed
Restoring your local waters (

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