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State of the environment in Finland

The living nature, water, air, soil, and cities. All of these are part of the environment, and they all show the handprint of humans. This handprint is often so heavy that the well-being of nature is threatened, but in many cases, things are improving. What about us humans in the midst of all this?

Reliable information on the state of the environment in Finland

These pages summarize the current state of the environment in Finland: what are the greatest concerns and which things are already improving, what has led to the current situation and how things can be corrected. The presented information is for the most part based on material and data produced by the Finnish environmental administration, but other data sources have also been used. We can learn from these pages that there are still many problems, but also solutions. The optimism is justified by the fact that the Finnish society has widely taken on the task of putting Finland on sustainable track.

Get to know the state of the environment by topic

Of Finland’s water bodies, groundwaters are in the best condition, whereas small water bodies are in the poorest condition.
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Finland’s nature is impoverished. The main reason for this is the efficient use of land and water areas.
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Climate change
Climate change is progressing, and its effects are spreading everywhere. Finland aims to be carbon-neutral.
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Healthy environment
The living environments in Finland are quite healthy.
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Circular economy
Society wants to move from over-consumption of natural resources to a circular economy.
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