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Sustainable life

The everyday choices can be seen as a statement for a desired future. In addition to consumption choices, sustainability can also be promoted through, for example, one's own work or political influence and positions of trust, as well as through participation in civic activities and voluntary work.

Tiny steps towards sustainable life

Everyday life can be made meaningful when one strives to realise oneself, share what one has and promote the common good. Climate change, overconsumption of natural resources, loss of nature and other sustainability problems can be overcome together.
Housing and cottage life
Whether you live in an urban apartment block or are an enthusiastic renovator of a detached house, you can influence the climate and energy consumption with your own actions.
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Smart diet
There are plenty of options for more sustainable eating.
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By making smart transport choices, such as cycling instead of driving, you can reduce your carbon footprint, nurture local nature, and maintain your own health as well as the health of others.
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Instead of the number of trips, invest in the content of your trip and travel sustainably.
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Carbon offsets
Emissions can also be offset by carbon credits purchased from voluntary carbon market.
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Be mindful when purchasing goods and services
A smart consumer pays attention to their purchasing decisions, repairs and maintains the goods they own, and prefers borrowing and sharing.
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Recycling is worth it
Wastes are not only the end point of consumption, but also a valuable raw material.
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Let’s put a stop to littering
Everyone can contribute to reduction of littering in simple ways. Sort garbage in the bin and collect litter from the environment.
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Good and bad of plastic
Plastic is a great invention, but it also causes a lot of problems when ending up in the environment.
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Protect your local nature
You can influence the well-being of your local nature in many different ways.
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Contribute to the well-being of waters
With your own actions, you can reduce water eutrophication, chemical loads, and other impacts of your water use.
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Explore and observe the environment
At its best, observing the environment can be both a fun leisure activity and an important help to researchers!
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Nature gives strength and relief

Ami is 24 years old. She lives in Espoo and has music as her hobby. Local nature has been important for Ami throughout her life. We spoke with Ami on what nature means to her and what should be done for nature.

Other sustainable everyday actions

Notes of a litter walker
When Mari Käyhkö changes her sports clothes on, her identity changes from the researcher Mari to the litter walker Mari.
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Love turns lake from a mash of algae into a recreational oasis
Can you fall in love with a lake? Eeva Ståhle went to look for the lost spring in Viluluoto but ended up finding a lake.
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Four generations of measurers
There are dozens of them in Finland. They measure water, ice, or snow levels.
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A Finnish food producer works in the midst of an ongoing transition

What is it like to produce food in a country where passions flare and food has become a part of building identity?