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Nature, waters and sea

When ecosystems remain in good condition, they can better withstand pressures such as climate change. One of the most urgent tasks is to stop the loss of nature and the eutrophication of water bodies. Already damaged areas can be revived through rewilding or restoration. Everyone can take part in this!

Clean nature and waters for future generations

Nature and water are vital to us. The way we treat them now affects the condition they will remain in for future generations.
Natural diversity
Diversity is a basic feature of nature. One square metre of any area in nature - forested ridges, fens, and even brooks – contain dozens, sometimes even hundreds of plant and animal species.
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Waters and water resources
One of the key environmental issues is how we can protect and manage our waters for future generations. It requires a lot of research, action and cooperation.
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Recreation in nature
Nature is an important part of the lives of all of us humans. Finns spend much of their time outside in nature.
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Landscapes are formed by interaction between humans and nature, which makes them bearers of historical and cultural values.
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Natura 2000 areas in Finland

The European Union aims to halt the loss of biodiversity throughout its territory. One of the most important means to achieve this goal is the Natura 2000 network. Natura protection areas in Finland covers around five million hectares.

State of the environment in Finland

Climate change

Climate change is progressing, and its effects are spreading everywhere. Finland aims to be carbon-neutral, but there is still a way to go.

Circular economy

Society wants to move from over-consumption of natural resources to a circular economy. Change is under way, but it is still moving slowly.

Healthy environment

The living environments in Finland are quite healthy. Urban air is weakened by fine particles. People are bothered by noise.


Of Finland’s water bodies, groundwaters are in the best condition, whereas small water bodies are in the poorest condition. Eutrophication still plagues the Baltic Sea and many inland waters.


Finland’s nature is impoverished. The main reason for this is the efficient use of land and water areas. There are still too few nature reserves, especially in Finland.