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Monitor the water situation and anticipate risks

Will a flood drench your basement, is there blue-green algae in the water or do you have enough water in your well? Monitoring supports preparedness for extreme weather phenomena, such as floods and droughts. In winter, snow load monitoring and ice and soil frost situation monitoring are also available. You can also share your observations in the service.

Let’s put a stop to littering

Everyone can contribute to reduction of littering in simple ways. Sort garbage in the bin and collect litter from the environment. However, citizens’ actions alone are not enough, since litter also ends up into the environment from various sources: different stages of waste management, construction sites, fields, ports – in other words, wherever people, activities and materials meet. website has been renewed

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Tiny steps towards sustainable life

Everyday life can be made meaningful when one strives to realise oneself, share what one has and promote the common good. Climate change, overconsumption of natural resources, loss of nature and other sustainability problems can be overcome together.

Be mindful when purchasing goods and services

Consumption has expanded to the Internet and the marketing of products and services is sometimes aggressive. A smart consumer pays attention to their purchasing decisions, repairs and maintains the goods they own, and prefers borrowing and sharing.

Protect your local nature

Loss of nature is also a reality in Finland. You can influence the well-being of your local nature in many different ways. You can for instance do your gardening in an organic way, participate in nature management activities, or make observations about species.

Contribute to the well-being of waters

Finland is one of the most water-rich countries in the world and our waterways are in fairly good condition. However, water pollution and climate change are also problems for us. Among other things, droughts and algae blooms are increasing. Our consumption also saps the water resources of other countries. With your own actions, you can reduce water eutrophication, chemical loads, and other impacts of your water use.

Natura 2000 areas in Finland

The European Union aims to halt the loss of biodiversity throughout its territory. One of the most important means to achieve this goal is the Natura 2000 network. Natura protection areas in Finland covers around five million hectares.

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Nature, waters and seas
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Built environment
A functional, comfortable, healthy and sustainable built environment is part of the solution to climate change, natural loss and many other crises.
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Pollution and environmental risks
In order to combat pollution and risks to the environment, we need new vigour to protect people and the environment.
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