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Monitor the water situation and anticipate risks

Will a flood drench your basement, is there blue-green algae in the water or do you have enough water in your well? Monitoring supports preparedness for extreme weather phenomena, such as floods and droughts. In winter, snow load monitoring and ice and soil frost situation monitoring are also available. You can also share your observations in the service.
Ilmakuvassa Kangasalan taajama, metsiä ja vesistöjä.
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Hydrological monitoring, that is, the monitoring of the water situation, has been one of the most frequently asked topics in the service. Now all monitoring services are available in the service, which you can access directly through the links on this page. 

Water level and discharge

The most frequently used monitoring services are related to the water levels and discharge increases of lakes and rivers. The groundwater situation and the development of soil moisture are also topics that are frequently asked about. 

Water level, discharge and floods
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Drought situation: groundwater and soil moisture
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Share your observations

You can also participate in the monitoring by sharing your observations on, for example, the water situation, blue-green algae or the drying of a well on Water level observations benefit the owners of shore properties. Ice skaters, skiers and owners of large halls are often interested in snow load or the ice condition.

Participate in monitoring by sharing your observations in
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Winter monitoring services

Monitoring snow load helps to anticipate the likelihood of structural risks in large-frame halls and other similar buildings. Monitoring the ice situation mainly provides a computational estimate of ice thickness at the national level and point observations. Local ice situations always require a specific examination.

Snow situation - snow load
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Ice situation throughout the country
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Soil frost situation
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Topics in the summer

Water temperature
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Blue-green algae situation from June to August
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Monitoring is based on cooperation

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and ELY Centres monitor the development of water, flood and drought situation together with the Finnish Meteorological Institute at the Flood Centre, which provides versatile services not only for experts but also for everyone who is interested. More about the Flood Centre (



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