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The sea

This page contains information on management of marine environments, as well as protection. Through this page, you can find relevant web services offering marine data.
Baltic Sea.
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More information on legislation related to the Baltic Sea and national and international cooperation is found on the website of the Ministry of the Environment . And more about the research and expert activities of the Finnish Environmental Institute (Syke) regarding the sea is found in website.

Protection of waters and the Baltic Sea

Management of water resources and marine environments is systematic planning and operation covering the entire country, and its goal is to ensure the good condition of the waters. You can participate in the planning of water and marine management and the implementation of measures in your own area and at the level of the entire country. You can also act in a water-responsible manner in your everyday life and work and thus participate in water conservation. Marine and water management go hand in hand, so the tells about them together.

Many opportunities for the protection of waters and the Baltic Sea
Learn more and find your own way to protect waters 

Marine information is offered in many websites is a treasure chest of Finnish marine information, which brings together the marine data and services of key institutions that produce marine information. The materials of the service, intended for all those interested in the sea, offer a wide range of information about nature and cultural heritage, in the form of photos and geospatial data materials. also offers materials for different professionals working in marine field, such as teachers and marine area planning professionals. The service has been developed by the Finnish Environmental Institute together with eight other institutions.

Important websites offering marine information also include Seaguide and Lake-seawiki. is a map service where you can find out information about the winds, sea level height and temperature. You can also search for guest marinas or interesting places to visit and find information about blue-green algae sightings. has been developed by the Finnish Environment Institute together with nine other institutions.

Lake-seawiki is a community web service about Finnish lakes, rivers and different regions of the Baltic Sea. In Lake-seawiki you can share your observations, maintain observation sites, edit introductory texts of water areas, and participate in discussion. The online service is maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute.

Marine issues are also featured on social media channels. Lake-seawiki has its own Facebook group. In the What's up with the Baltic Sea?  (Mitä kuuluu Itämeri?) - Facebook group, experts working on the Baltic Sea offer researched information about our common sea.

Important marine information websites is a portal for Finnish marine information
Go and search the treasure chest of the Baltic Sea

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