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Pollution and environmental risks

In order to combat pollution and risks to the environment, we need new vigour to protect people and the environment. Attention must be paid to the increasing number of pollutants and their combined effects. The policy instruments already in place must be applied more effectively.

Zero pollution requires comprehensive economic and societal changes.

Environmental risks mean risks to human health, the living and working environment, other organisms and the physical environment. Achieving zero pollution requires comprehensive economic and societal changes.

Clean air

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Environmental risks of chemicals

Chemicals are essential to society. Some chemicals, however, are harmful to the environment and to organisms. Although the use of harmful chemicals is restricted, there are still many sources and routes through which they end up in the environment. Different chemicals have different properties. The range of properties is very broad, and some chemicals can cause significant harm to the environment.

Healthy environment

The living environments in Finland are quite healthy. Urban air is weakened by fine particles. People are bothered by noise.
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