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Nature gives strength and relief

Ami is 24 years old. She lives in Espoo and has music as her hobby. Local nature has been important for Ami throughout her life. We spoke with Ami on what nature means to her and what should be done for nature.

“When I was a child, we would often go to my grandmother's house in the countryside, and I have enjoyed spending time in nature – swimming or riding horses, for example. However, at a younger age, I also saw nature as something that was somehow self-evident. Now that I am older I have learned to really appreciate nature and I am thankful that I grew up in Finland where the nature is as magnificent as it is here”, Ami says.

Nature offers comfort and support also in difficult times

“Once when I was in Pori, I experienced a so-called meltdown. Then I went with my friend into the forest, where I hugged some trees and walked barefoot. It was very calming, and I could feel an energy coming from the trees. We also went to Yyteri beach and it was quite moving to simply shout toward the sea”, Ami says.

“It is my experience that in difficult times nature eases some of the pain. It has a cleansing and liberating effect.”

Local nature is part of Ami’s life in happy moments as well. She has often gone with her friends to nearby rocks to listen to music and to dance. “It is truly liberating to just spend time in nature”, she says.

Learning from the young

Ami would like to learn more about what she could do herself to promote the well-being of nature. For example, she is interested in volunteer work.

“On my balcony I grow lettuce, chives, chili, and strawberries. One of my dreams is to have a house of my own with a big yard where I could grow all my food myself. It would also be cool to just go and plant trees somewhere”, she ponders.

Ami feels that young people are very knowledgeable, and they care about nature and the environment in a completely new way. “Young people like to go to flea markets, for example, and they want to reduce waste, which really is great. People could really follow the examples set by young people”, Ami suggests.

Ami feels that even small actions can be significancant, and she feels that everybody should take action to help nature. When everybody does their part, it creates strength in numbers.

“Facts and accurate information should be brought out more because I believe that many believe erroneous ideas and people dismiss some things as conspiracy theories.
Society should also do its part to stand up for nature and the climate.

“Decisions need to be made in society that would make it easier for those with low or medium incomes to act in a way that preserves nature, so it would not be a privilege only for the rich. Those who earn less should be able to afford a nature-friendly electric car, for instance. All people should have a chance to take effective action on behalf of nature in their daily lives.”


Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)