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National landscapes

The 27 national landscapes of Finland represent the special environmental and cultural features of the country. The selection was part of Finland’s 75 years of independence celebrations in 1992. The areas were selected by a national landscape working group of the Ministry of the Environment.
A forest landscape with a bridge crossing a flowing river.
The natural and cultural landscapes of Oulankajoki © Tapio Heikkilä

National landscapes have no fixed boundaries, which means they do not have a special role, legal or otherwise, in land use planning. However, national landscapes have great symbolic value and widely recognised significance in cultural and historical terms, or in the popular image of nature. National landscapes are also immensely important for tourism, for example. Many of the landscapes are unique attractions and any changes to them are kept to a minimum.


Locations of national landscapes on the map.
  1. Maritime Helsinki
  2. Porvoonjoki River Valley and Old Porvoo
  3. Tapiola
  4. Snappertuna - Fagervik
  5. Pojo
  6. Cultural landscape of Aurajoki River Valley
  7. Archipelago
  8. Cultural landscape of Sund, Åland
  9. Köyliönjärvi
  10. Vanajavesi Valley
  11. Cultural landscape of Rautavesi
  12. Tammerkoski
  13. Cultural landscape of Hämeenkyrö
  14. Imatrankoski
  15. Olavinlinna Castle and Pihlajavesi
  16. Punkaharju
  17. Heinävesi Route
  18. Väisälänmäki
  19. Koli
  20. Villages in North Karelia
  21. Kyrönjoki River Valley and cropfields in South Ostrobothnia
  22. Archipelago in Merenkurkku
  23. Hailuoto
  24. Natural and cultural landscapes of Oulankajoki
  25. Aavasaksa and Tornionjoki River Valley
  26. Pallastunturi
  27. Utsjoki River Valley


Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)
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