Natura 2000 areas in Finland

The Natura 2000 network aims to protect natural diversity. In Finland, around 5 million hectares are covered by the network. Three quarters of the area is land and one quarter is water.

The overall number of individual areas is 1,857, 87 of which are in Åland. The northernmost part of Lapland is part of the alpine region, whereas rest of Finland is part of the boreal region. There are 1,713 SCI areas pursuant to the Habitats Directive in Finland. They cover an area of 4.8 million hectares, which is around 12.3% of the overall area of Finland. There are 468 SPA areas pursuant to the Bird Directive, and they cover an area of 3.1 million hectares, i.e. around 8% of Finland’s overall area. SCI and SPA areas may overlap.


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Area descriptions

Our online service contains descriptions of the Natura 2000 areas, grouped by the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

All areas in continental Finland can be found in the below appendix.

Additionally, the Government proposed the following areas as new SCI areas to the European Commission on 1 March 2012:

On the same occasion, the Government decided to propose the extention of the Vattajanniemi area (FI1000017) in Kokkola by 10.1 hectares, which will increase the gross area to 3,070 hectares.

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