Living environment and land use planning

A good living environment is essential for good quality of life. A functional and sound living environment allows different groups of people to lead their daily lives and fulfil their basic needs: living, the use of services, working, recreation, hobbies, but also rest and privacy. A good living environment is also ecologically sustainable. In this context, living environment refers to the residential, business and leisure time environments of people.

Zoning and land use planning create the preconditions for a good living environment and its development. The most important aim of land use planning is to reconcile different perspectives and goals.

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Tampere 556

Tampere joins the Carbon Neutral Municipalities network – the entire city region aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030

Tampere City Region is strengthening its commitment to strict carbon neutrality targets. As the central city of the region, Tampere joined the Carbon Neutral Municipalities (HINKU) network by decision of its City Board on 1 April. Of the other municipalities in the city region, Lempäälä, Nokia, Pirkkala, Vesilahti and Ylöjärvi were already members of the network. Kangasala and Orivesi are still in the process of preparing their decisions.
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