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Climate Barometer 2019: Finns wish to have solutions to climate crisis at the heart of policy-making

Press release, March 18, 2019, Ministry of the Environment
The Finns wish to see solutions to the climate crisis among the priority themes of the next government term and Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU. Growing numbers of Finns have also changed their own behaviour to mitigate climate change. These are the conclusions to be made from a survey carried out by Kantar TNS, commissioned by the Steering Group for Central Government Climate Communications. The Climate Barometer 2019 survey was conducted to find out what the Finns think about climate change and climate policy before the general elections. An analysis was also made of how the views have changed since 2015. Read more about the results of Climate Barometer.

Bottom of the sea offers photographs, satellite imagery and many other types of interesting information for people interested in marine matters. © Mats Westerbom / Metsähallitus is a new map for mariners

Press release February 8, 2019, the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, Metsähallitus, the Geological Institute of Finland, the Finnish Heritage Agency, the Brahea Centre at the University of Turku, the maritime spatial planning coordination group and the Government of Åland
Will your boat trip take you past any places of interest? Where are the nearest guest harbours? What will the weather conditions be like for sailing? Has any cyanobacteria been spotted in the sea near your holiday home? For the answers to these questions and many more, visit, a new online service. Read more about

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Key Project increases sustainability of Finland’s food system

Climate change, protecting our water resources and ensuring the sustainability of food production require a shift to a system in which nutrients circulate. Over the past three years, the Key Government Project promoting the circular economy has invested more than EUR 30 million in water protection and nutrient recycling. Has Finland reached its goal of becoming a model country for nutrient and energy self-sufficiency?
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Common pochard

New estimate - every ninth species in Finland is threatened

A new assessment of threatened species indicates an increasing loss of biodiversity in Finnish nature. Of the 22 000 species evaluated, 11.9% were classified as threatened, compared to 10.5% in the previous assessment. All species groups include threatened species, and the highest proportion can be found among birds and bryophytes (mosses). The primary cause of threat is the decline and deterioration of natural habitat. Much can be done to stop this development, but urgent action is needed


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A future the planet can accommodate
Respecting the limits of the earth is prerequisite for the well-being of humanity. Read more


Monitoring and assessment of environmental impacts of chemical spills in the Baltic Sea

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This publication resulting from the project is intended to guide authorities responsible for post-spill environmental monitoring and assessment, and to help them to understand how complex issues they might be dealing with due to the wide range of chemicals currently transported. The main goal of the publication is to create better preparedness for establishing an effective post-spill monitoring programme especially in the Baltic Sea, area and it is primarily targeted at decision-makers responsible for the planning and implementation of environmental monitoring after a sudden chemical spill at sea. Read more