Blue-green algae
Blue-green algae near the shore. © Photo: SYKEkuva

Significant risk of blue-green algae blooms in summer across Finnish sea areas – warm and sunny summer may dramatically increase occurrence of blooms

Press release, June 6, 2019, Finnish Environment Institute
The risk of significant and widespread blue-green algae blooms in Finnish sea areas matches that of previous years, since the nutrient situation has remained largely the same. This summer brings with it a substantial risk of blue-green algae formations in the Gulf of Finland, the northern part of the Baltic Proper and most of the Finnish Archipelago Sea. The risk is moderate in the south east Bothnian Sea. In other parts of the Bothnian Sea and the Bay of Bothnia, the risk is low. The weather conditions during the summer will determine whether or not the risk is realised. Read more about the risk of blue-green algae blooms in summer across Finnish sea areas

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Finland to participate in the meeting of the energy and environment ministers at the G20 Summit in Japan on 15–16 June

Japan has invited Finland to participate in the meeting of energy and environment ministers, which is part of the programme of Japan’s presidency of the G20 Summit. The Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth will take place in Karuizawa on 15–16 June 2019. Finland is one of the so-called outreach countries invited to the meeting. The themes of the meeting are the global energy transition, climate and sustainable growth, prevention of ocean plastic
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Hiekkaranta 556

Algal bloom monitoring June 13, 2019: Blue-green algae have slightly increased in lakes, in sea areas the situation is still calm

Cyanophyte blooms have increased since last week in lakes in Southern Finland. In the Finnish open sea areas no blooms have been observed, but a few occurrences of blue-green algae have been observed on the coast
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Policy Brief

A future the planet can accommodate
Respecting the limits of the earth is prerequisite for the well-being of humanity. Read more


Monitoring and assessment of environmental impacts of chemical spills in the Baltic Sea

SYKEreport23_2018_cover 125px

This publication resulting from the project is intended to guide authorities responsible for post-spill environmental monitoring and assessment, and to help them to understand how complex issues they might be dealing with due to the wide range of chemicals currently transported. The main goal of the publication is to create better preparedness for establishing an effective post-spill monitoring programme especially in the Baltic Sea, area and it is primarily targeted at decision-makers responsible for the planning and implementation of environmental monitoring after a sudden chemical spill at sea. Read more