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Changing climate

Climate change is the result of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. Climate change is already present everywhere, but its effects are unevenly distributed around the globe. In order to avoid the most destructive changes, we must act now.

The effects of climate change are spreading everywhere

As a widespread phenomenon, climate change requires not only small actions, but also measures that permeate society as a whole and that everyone participates in. The most important climate measures are the reduction of emissions, on the one hand, and adaptation to change, on the other.
Climate action must be rapid
Because it is such a broad issue, tackling climate change involves both small actions and society-wide measures.
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Climate change mitigation
To curb climate change, we need every sector of society to play its part.
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Climate change adaptation
By adopting to climate change, we can alleviate the negative impacts of climate change but also take advantage of the opportunities.
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Climate change information through a single address

The website provides reliable, research-based information about climate change, its impacts, adaptation, and mitigation. The website and its main content is maintained by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Finnish Environment Institute, and Natural Resources Institute Finland.