The Finnish-Norwegian Transboundary Water Commission

The Finnish-Norwegian Transboundary Water Commission is a body for co-operation and communication between the states. The commission gives propositions and recommendations on matters concerning the transboundary water bodies, for example: water quality monitoring, fishing, water level regulation or construction that has impact on the waters. Operating area covers the water bodies that lie on the border and the watersheds they belong to.

The Commission has secretariats in both countries: Lapland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Finland, and the County Governor of Finnmark in Norway. Members include representatives from Finnish and Norwegian environmental administration and municipalities in the regions. Members are appointed by their governments. Experts can be heard in meetings before decision making on the initiatives and recommendations. Murmansk regional environment authorities work in cooperation with matters related to the international River Paatsjoki catchment. The Commission meets at least once a year.

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