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Use of water resources

Clean water, safety and wellbeing

Water-related matters are managed through cooperation between a number of actors and administrative branches. A range of objectives and interests, including those involved in utilising water resources, land use, water protection, environmental health and internal safety, must be reconciled during practical work.


Objectives of the sustainable use of water resources

Established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry alongside an extensive network of partners, objectives for the use of water resources include the following:

  • Risks involved in water supply are controlled from raw water sources through to the impacts of wastewater.
  • Flooding and drought risk avoidance measures are taken by basin, through the regulation of waterways.
  • Dams and other structures in water bodies are safe and functional under various conditions.
  • Water economy takes account of the utilisation of renewable sources of energy and the related impacts.
  • More in the publication on water resources management strategy, “Vesitalousstrategia 2011–2020.pdf” (2 MB, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)
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