What is the state of the Baltic Sea

The state of the Baltic Sea is being continuously monitored and assessments of the state and load of the sea are published in the form of reports, bulletins, indicators, reviews and various kinds of up-to-date information online.

Vedenalaista elämää
Photo: Ilkka Lastumäki

Information for these publications is produced by SYKE in cooperation with other research institutions, authorities and non-profit organisations (such as the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Natural Resources Instute Finland  (LUKE), the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), Metsähallitus, the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, ELY Centres, and the Finnish Museum of Natural History).

This website compiles a comprehensive range of information about the state and load of the Baltic Sea and Finnish coastal waters. The information is based on the Finnish marine management monitoring programme. Its information sources include samples taken by research vessels, the observations produced by automatic monitoring equipment installed on trade vessels, satellite mappings, marine mammal and bird counts, measurements carried out by coastal regional environmental authorities and observations reported by citizens.

Atmospheric nitrogen deposition

Effects of nutrients, eutrophication and state of the sea floor

Water quality at the coastal waters of Finland

State of the sea floor and benthic animals at the Gulf of Finland

Estimation of the state of the inland and coastal waters of Finland, 2013

Results of the observations of the Baltic Sea

Measurements of the oxygen situation of the Baltic Sea by research vessel Aranda

Measurements by commercial vessels of the Baltic Sea



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