Living environment

Our physical living environment consists of the built and natural environments. In addition, living environment comprises social and functional aspects and those affecting the quality and circumstances of life. Different population groups have different needs and wishes for their living environment, depending on their age or other situations in life.


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A good and sound living environment allows different population groups to lead their daily lives and fulfil their basic needs: living, the use of services, working, recreation, hobbies, but also rest and privacy.

Various communities, from villages to cities, form the daily living environment for most Finns. Over 80 percent of the Finnish population live in population centres with at least 200 inhabitants.

Latest news

Discover nature together during the European Heritage Days

‘Discover Nature Together’ is the theme for the European Heritage Days 2017 in Finland. The year is opened today in an event held at the Ministry of the Environment. In the opening ceremony, the winners of the Cultural Heritage-makers competition for children and young people, a pre-school group from Tampere called Nestorit, will be awarded their prizes, and a new competition assignment will be revealed.

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