Property maintenance and repairs

Properties should be regularly maintained, serviced and repaired in order to retain their good condition, value and use qualities. Property maintenance consists of two types of activities: property servicing and upkeep.

Property servicing comprises the regular activities needed for keeping the property’s conditions at the desired level. It covers the servicing of the property and its technical structures, the repair of damages, cleaning, waste management and the maintenance of outdoor areas. Upkeep refers to the conservation of the property’s qualities, either by replacing or repairing damaged and worn-out parts, in order to keep the relative quality standard of the property at the same level.

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Property maintenance implies constant monitoring of the condition and renovation needs of the building. A number of assessment and research tools have been developed for diagnosing renovation needs and drafting renovation plans.

In renovation works, the existing structures and systems of the property are replaced or renovated, either to keep the quality standard of the property at the same level or to increase the standard. It is advisable to include renovation works in the property maintenance and development plan, scheduling them in the long term plan (LTP). The quality standard of the property should also be increased with the renovation works where possible, for example, by making the property more energy efficient or accessible.

A use and maintenance guide is a property maintenance and renovation tool. The use and maintenance guide is a documentation package of the property. In addition to basic information on the property, it includes property maintenance instructions, aims and monitoring data.

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