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Satellite observation of the Baltic Sea on Wednesday the 5th of August. Cyanobacteria have been observed mixed in the water column or as surface accumulations in the open sea areas of the Bothnian Sea. Cloudiness complicates cyanobacterial observations in the Archipelago Sea. Surface accumulations can also be seen in the open sea areas of the western parts of the Gulf of Finland. Contains modified Copernicus data, SYKE (2020).

In sea areas, a typical late summer cyanobacterial situation is prevailing, while in lakes less cyanobacteria have been observed than usual

Algal bloom monitoring August 6, 2020 Finnish Environment Institute
During the first week of August, the occurrence of cyanobacteria in the sea areas has been typical of the time. Observations of cyanobacteria at national monitoring sites have been made especially on the coasts of the Archipelago Sea, Bothnian Sea and Kvarken, and in the Gulf of Finland near Helsinki Metropolitan Area. In lakes, cyanobacteria have been observed less than average as in previous weeks. The inland cyanobacterial situation is typical of the time only in the regions of Southern Ostrobothnia, and both Northern and Southern Savonia. In many regions, unstable weather has prevented the formation of surface blooms. However, cyanobacteria that have been mixed within the water column, can rise to the surface again when the wind calms down.

Published 2020-08-06 at 13:35, updated 2020-08-06 at 13:34