Groundwater protection

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Legislation endorsing groundwater protection

National legislation:

Laws implemented on aiming to prevent the pollution and alteration of aquifers to maintain a good quantitative and qualitative state of groundwater:
○Water Act (264/1961)
○Environmental Protection Act (86/2000)
Laws on environmental goals, monitoring and assessement:
○The Act on Water Resources Management(1299/2004)
○Decree on Water Resources Management(1040/2006)
○Decree on Hazardous and Harmful Substance on Aquatic Environment (1022/2006)
●etc. national legislations where the EU directives have been implemented


○Water Framework Directive (WFD) (2000/06/EEC)
○Groundwater Directive (2006/118/EEC)
○Nitrates Directive (91/676/EEC)

Legislated  means  of groundwater protection

Intake protection area

●based on the Water Act (1961)
●legally-based restrictions with regard to land use in the area
●over 200 intake protection areas
●usually consist of a small part of the total groundwater area
●Protection area can be divided into sub-zones :
○intake area
○inner protection zone
○outer protection zone
●the sub-zones are based on the time it takes groundwater to reach a municipal well

Protection plans

●implemented since the early 1990’s
●established for over 1,000 groundwater areas
●aim to ensure the availability and quality of groundwater
●takes into account the entire gw area instead of only the immediate vicinity of the intake plant
●the establishing procedure is based on voluntary action and co-operation
●used as a guide in supervision of water legislation,issuing of permits, planning land use, etc
●(hydrogeological mapping, inventory of potential gw threats, risk assessment , recommendations, and operating instructions)

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