VELMU Map Service

VELMU programme maps biodiversity of the Finnish marine environment. The inventory results can be utilised in the VELMU Map Service. 


Open map service

The VELMU map brings together the inventory results and combines them with other data. In the map service you can, among others, view and print point data and map layers describing species, habitats and environmental variables. 

The map service is constantly developed and data from VELMU partners is also added. 

Map Service updates


2021-09: As a result of updates, we encourage users to renew any bookmarks to the service.

Recent updates

2021-11: Data update; Coastal lagoons updated with lagoon classifications from regions of the Åland Islands. Added a depth model.

2021-05: Data update; Species observations, threatened species and sampling methods updated with point data from 2020. Updated layers on coastal human activity interpreted using aerial photographs. Added new coastal lagoon map layer.

Future updates

Spring 2022: Data update

Published 2021-01-05 at 14:34, updated 2022-01-10 at 10:52