The Finnish Inventory Programme for Underwater Marine Diversity - VELMU

VELMU collects data on the occurrence of underwater marine biotopes, species and communities in Finland’s marine waters. The programme contributes to the Baltic marine protection and to the sustainable use of the sea and its natural resources.


While the uses of the sea areas are increasing constantly, the lack of knowledge of the underwater marine environment makes it difficult to allocate various uses in an environmentally sustainable manner. In the VELMU programme, both abiotic (geological, physical and chemical) and biotic characteristics of the marine environment are inventoried. Inventories are conducted particularly to map the distribution of benthic habitats, and the plants, macroalgae and invertebrates living in these habitats.

The aim of the inventories is to identify hot-spots of functional and species diversity, and sites where species requiring particular protection occur. It will then be possible to safeguard and preserve the underwater biodiversity by protecting the most valuable sites and by sustainably allocating various uses.


Bringing marine nature back to our lives, Helsinki, 14-15 March 2023

VELMU Conference coming in 2023: Bringing Marine Nature Back to Our Lives - the Role of Science

Helsinki, 14-15 March 2023

Registration is now open! Find the registration link and read more on the conference website.

VELMU Map Service

VELMU map service is a versatile tool that can be used to access VELMU data.

VELMU Programme was awarded the European Natura 2000 Award

Winners of five categories were announced in an online ceremony held on the 14th of October. VELMU competed in the Conservation category. The jury highlighted VELMU's impact on the development of marine nature conservation in Finland and the extensive network of cooperating institutions, among others..


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