PUTTE Projects

METSO-ohjelmalla turvattua lehtoa

         Herb-rich deciduous forest © Markku Meriluoto


PUTTE-projects 2014–2016


Project Project manager Research institute
Towards reliable red listing of soil fungi of deciduous forests - utilizing the next generation sequencing data for studying the diversity, distribution and ecology of fungi Liimatainen Kare University of Helsinki
Conservation of wood-inhabiting Ascomycetes in changing forest landscapes Halme Panu, Myllys Leena University of Jyväskylä, The Finnish Museum of Natural History
The trend of threatened species in different habitats based on species threat assessment data Juslén Aino The Finnish Museum of Natural History
e-PUTTE: Guidebook of Rusts, Milldews and Smuts Stenroos Soili The Finnish Museum of Natural History
Inventory and occurrence of red-listed forest species in areas protected under METSO programme Siitonen Juha Finnish Forest Research Institute
Book project "The Hymenoptera of Finland - Sawflies, Ants, Bees and Wasps" Várkonyi Gergely

Finnish Environment Institute

Conservation assessment of Hymenoptera Parasitica in 2020: Improving taxonomic representativeness Várkonyi Gergely Finnish Environment Institute
The threatened Baton Blue butterfly in Finland: assessing its current status and improving it by translocation Heliölä Janne Finnish Environment Institute
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