High hopes for mines as a sustainable and growing export sector

Excavation of metallic minerals and waste rock in 2004–2014

Excavation of metallic minerals
Source:Tukes and TEM. 2015.

Excavation of metallic minerals has increased almost exponentially in Finland in recent years. New mineral processing methods and increasing demand for metals have revived the mining industry, which had almost completely died out in this country.Completed in 2010, Finland’s Minerals Strategy defines the vision for 2050 as follows: “Finland is a global leader in the sustainable utilisation of mineral resources and the minerals sector is one of the key foundations of the Finnish national economy.”

The revival in mining has created environmental problems and conflict between the mining industry and local residents and livelihoods, such as tourism. The Minerals Strategy also includes proposals for action to reduce the environmental impact of mining and to improve the industry’s legitimacy among local residents.


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