Fresh water and the sea

A long way to go to achieve good status in water bodies

Emissions in the water have clearly reduced in Finland over the last decades, thanks to the improved industrial processes and communal wastewater treatment. Quantities of river-borne nutrients have however remained almost unchanged from the 1970s. At the moment Finland accounts for around 10% of the nutrient loading in the Baltic Sea.

High levels of nutrients in rivers are particularly related to agricultural activity. When it comes to agriculture the positive result is that the nutrient balance of cropland has declined since the 1990s.

Only a quarter of Finland’s coastal waters achieved a good or high status in the 2013 ecological assessment of EU. There will most likely be no significant changes in the upcoming years. Many small lakes in Southern Finland suffer from eutrophication as well. The status of big lakes is mainly good or high.

National indicators


Published 2014-04-09 at 8:55, updated 2021-04-12 at 15:25