Plenty of urban green in Finnish cities

Share of green spaces in some European cities

Share of green spaces

In this study, the classification of urban regions and densely populated areas is based on the European Environmental Agency EEA’s criteria. It is not, therefore, ideally suited to measuring urban regions in Finland. Source: SYKE. 2013.

Finnish cities have considerably more green space than European cities in general. Information collected from Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Oulu indicates that green space accounts for 31–48% of the urban surface area. Most of it is located on the outskirts of cities rather than close to city centres.

Parks and other green places make important recreation areas for urban residents. Moreover, they serve as noise insulation and absorb particle emissions.

Urban farming has gained popularity in recent years. In many cities, active associations organise courses on urban agriculture and lease cultivation boxes. Vegetables growing in the yard of a block of flats not only provide ecological local food, but also make a nice hobby and increase sense of community among city dwellers.


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Lähiöelämää, Puijonlaakso, Kuopio

Puijonlaakso suburb, Kuopio. @ Janne Ulvinen.


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