Energy consumption no longer increasing

Long-term progress:
Energy consumption has increased five-fold since 1950 and almost doubled since 1970.
Short-term progress:
The increase in energy consumption has halted in the 2000s.
Progress in relation to targets:
Energy consumption is expected to increase further. It is uncertain whether the 2020 goal set in the National Energy and Climate Strategy, updated in 2013, will be achieved.

End-use of energy in Finland 1970–2013

End-use of energy
Year 2013 preliminary. Final energy consumption target is 310 TWh in 2020. Source: Statistics Finland. 2014.

Moderate energy saving goals

Finland’s energy consumption per capita is the highest in the European Union. Reasons for this include energy-intensive industry, a high standard of living, a cold climate and long distances. Key energy sources in Finland are oil and other fossil fuels, wood-based fuels and nuclear energy.

Energy consumption has no longer increased in the 2000s mainly because of lower energy requirements for industry thanks to improved energy efficiency and the decline of heavy industry. In 2000–2010, industry’s share of energy consumption in Finland fell from 52% to 45%.

New energy consumers include the data centres required by cloud services within data networks. Large international corporations in search of low electricity prices and stable conditions have established such centres in Finland in recent years. According to one assessment, electricity consumption by data centres doubled in 2005–2010 and they now account for some 0.5–1.5% of the country’s total electricity consumption.

The 2008 National Energy and Climate Strategy set the target of saving 37 TWh in end-use energy by 2020. Achieving this target would mean that end-use energy consumption would be 310 TWh in 2020. The 2013 update of the strategy casts doubt on whether this will be achieved. The aim is that, by 2050, the end-use energy efficiency will be improved by at least one third from 2020 levels.


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