Data bank of Environmental Properties of Chemicals (EnviChem)

The main content of the database consists of information on the toxicity of substances in relation to different species, especially aquatic organisms, together with information on the persistence and accumulation of these substances in the environment.

The information is mainly compiled from scientific literature, handbooks and databases in the field of ecotoxicology which have been available to environmental protection authorities. The scientific value of the compiled information has not been assessed.

The assessment of the environmental impact of chemical substances is a complex issue. In order to be able to even roughly evaluate the environmental fate and effects a great deal of basic data are needed. The database contains practical data on chemical substances for that purpose.

The database is useful to environmental authorities, researchers, consultants and companies dealing with chemicals.

Useful lists to help interpreting the results found from EnviChem are the list of exposed species and the list of abbreviations which can be found below.

EnviChem is one of the databases which are included in the eChemPortal (The Global Portal to Information on Chemical Substances)

For more information:

Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)


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