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Maritime spatial planning

A maritime spatial plan is to be prepared for the territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone of Finland by the end of March 2021. The purpose of maritime spatial planning is to promote the sustainable development and growth of the different forms of using the maritime area, sustainable use of natural resources, and achievement of a good status for the marine environment.

Maritime spatial planning

The plans are quite general in nature. The aim is to coordinate the use of the maritime space by different sectors, including energy production, maritime transport, fishing and aquaculture, tourism and recreational use, as well as the conservation, protection and improvement of the natural environment. The needs relating to the cultural heritage, mineral extraction, blue biotechnology and maritime industry are also taken into account. Other matters to be considered include the needs relating to national defence, special characteristics of the maritime space, and interaction between land and sea.The areas to be covered by the plans are the Gulf of Finland, the Archipelago Sea and southern Bothnian Sea, and the northern Bothnian Sea, Kvarken and Bothnian Bay. The Åland Islands will prepare a plan of its own. The plans are based on the EU Directive establishing a framework for maritime spatial planning (2014/89/EU). The national provisions on this are laid down in the Land Use and Building Act (482/2016).

The plans are prepared in cooperation between the coastal Regional Councils. The coordinating body for the cooperation is the Regional Council of Southwest Finland. You can join the cooperation network for maritime spatial planning on our website maritime spatial planning.fi.

The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for the general development and guidance of maritime spatial planning and international cooperation related to this.

The process started by descriptions of the current situation in the areas concerned, after which future scenarios for the maritime area until 2050 were created. Public consultations on the planning material composed of the descriptions of the current situation and scenarios were organised in spring 2019. The scenario phase that ended in 2019 was followed by the vision phase, which included the drafting of a national vision on the sustainable use of the maritime area until 2050 and objectives and roadmaps for individual sectors until 2030. The draft maritime spatial plans will be completed during spring 2020, and public consultations on them will be organised between 18 May and 17 June 2020.

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