Service facilities

New service facilities, such as birdwatching towers, trails and information boards, will be built for the areas.

Two new birdwatching towers and an observation platform suitable for use by disabled people will be built at Puurijärvi Lake, as will the necessary trails and signs. Birdwatching towers will also be built at Raijalanjärvi Lake and in the Noormarkku (Pori) area of the Kokemäenjoki estuary.

Nature trails in the areas of Vanhakoski and Pirilänkoski will be restored. At the same time the areas' information boards will be replaced and the number of them will be increased.

Watching birds at Puurijärvi Lake

Why are service facilities required?

The use of service facilities means that hiking and movement can be controlled so that they cause less disturbance and damage to the natural environment. When birds are disturbed during their breeding season, the breeding success can be reduced. Disturbance in spring and autumn can affect the birds' opportunities for feeding and rest in such a way that they do not survive their migration journey. Erosion of the landscape can have a detrimental effect on protected plant species and habitats in an area.

Service facilities make it easy to become familiar with the natural environment, and when they are being planned and designed, consideration can be given to the possible harm caused to landowners by movement in the area. Specially designed observation points with their trails and parking spaces make nature rambling easier and reduce problems that can potentially be caused by hiking. Information boards provide background information about the area's natural environment, and about the rationale and aims of conservation too.

Published 2014-06-19 at 15:19, updated 2014-06-19 at 14:48