Shore meadows and flood meadows

Preiviikinlahti Bay

At Preiviikinlahti Bay, an area of at least 33 hectares of shore meadows that have become overgrown by reed beds will be mowed. In addition to mowing, an attempt will be made to control the reed bed by cutting and harrowing its root system in places. This kind of management method, which reproduces the effect of trampling by cattle, has been shown to be an effective method in many places.

The overgrowth of shore meadows reduces the nesting environment needed by the critically endangered subspecies of Dunlin (Calidris alpina schinzii), which is found in the area, as well as the feeding grounds of waders and waterfowl resting in the area. There are a few dozen schinzii Dunlin still nesting in our country. Many plant and insect species also need open shore meadows for their habitat. They too are becoming rarer, as a result of the low-growing shore areas becoming overgrown.

Enäjärvi Lake

Enäjärvi Lake's overgrown flood meadows will be restored by clearing, by the filling of ditches and by the removal of ditch banks. In addition, a safe nesting island suitable for birds will be formed in the lake by dredging a sufficiently wide area of water in the flood meadow, and this will restrict the movement of harmful small predators.

The state of wet meadows in wetlands has changed due to, amongst other things, terracing work and the creation of ditches on the shores. The ditches dry out the flood meadows and increase tree stands on the shores. The drying out of the shores leads to changes in the vegetation, and an increase in bushes and willows, and the feeding and nesting habitats of many wetland birds disappear. In addition to changes in the nesting environment, ditch banks - with their trees and bushes - increase the movement and prey opportunities of mink and raccoon dogs that are harmful to birds.


At Vanhakoski a ditch that has been dug in the old river channel is drying out the area and changing its natural state. The ditch will be filled in with earth from the banks.

Published 2014-06-19 at 14:29, updated 2014-06-19 at 14:28