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The Vanhakoski Natura area (101 ha) is located on the lower course of the Loimijoki River, which feeds into the Kokemäenjoki River at the town of Huittinen. The Natura area includes an approximately 7.5-kilometre-long section of the Loimijoki River, with its waterways and shores.

The grove area of Vanhakoski is included in the National Herb-Rich Forest Conservation Programme. Nature trails have been built in the area. The islands of Lammassaari and Helenansaari, in the northern part, together with the adjacent low shore meadows, form the traditional and regionally valuable landscape of Pappilanniemi.

The natural environment

The Vanhakoski area is characterised by many small rapids, which are mainly in their natural state, and these are the last natural breeding and feeding areas in Finland for the endangered asp. Loimijoki River is one of the few large rivers in Southern Finland where the river's natural flooding has still not been fundamentally changed. Half of the habitats in the area which appear in the Habitats Directive, Annex II, are dependent on the effects of the Loimijoki River floods.

The banks of the Loimijoki River are formed of lush herb-rich forest. The largest continuous and most diverse grove area of Vanhakoski is located on the eastern shore of the Mommolankoski - the river's largest rapids. Loimijoki River has, over time, changed its course as a result of a landslide, and the old river channel passes through Vanhakoski's grove area as a chain of small ponds. Vanhakoski's grove area is diverse in its vegetation and birdlife. Species typical of both young deciduous forests and old forests are found in the area.

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