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The Pirilänkoski Natura area (147 ha) is located in the immediate vicinity of the centre of Harjavalta. Part of the area lies on one side of the municipality of Nakkila. The Pirilänkoski-Paratiisi grove area is one of the most representative herb-rich forest areas in our country and is included in the National Herb-Rich Forest Conservation Programme. There are nature trails in the area.

The natural environment

Pirilänkoski has a river landscape, and is an area of shore groves that have grown on the high and precipitous riverbank of the still waters underneath the power station. The landscape features a long and narrow delta island, on which a shady stand of deciduous trees grows, close to the shoreline. Water seeping through the riverbank nourishes the grove area below.

The damming of the rapids at the end of the 1930s brought the rock strata into full view. The bottom of the channel is sandstone, which is a rare rock type in Finland. It is not directly visible on the land surface anywhere other than in Pirilänkoski.

In shore groves dominated by deciduous trees there are features of the old forest, and bird species of the old forest can be found in them. With good luck even the rare Red-breasted Flycatcher can be found in the groves. The quiet waters of the river are the favourite resting and feeding place of the Common Tern. Even the endangered otter is a part of the area's fauna.

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