Monitoring the effects

During the project a range of monitoring will be carried out to assess the effects of the restoration and management work at Puurijärvi Lake, the Preiviikinlahti Bay area and Raijalanjänjärvi Lake.

The restoration of Puurijärvi Lake includes extensive long-term monitoring. Some of these are part of the follow-up to the LIFE Project, and others are part of the so-called compulsory monitoring programmes. The compulsory monitoring programmes for Puurijärvi Lake are designed to provide follow-up information in accordance with the environmental permit, and they are funded by the Ministry of the Environment. The effects of the restoration of Puurijärvi Lake on its bird population, vegetation, habitats and benthic fauna will be monitored. The quality of the water will be monitored too. Aerial photographs of the lake will be taken annually. These will supplement the monitoring of the lake's vegetation and will help to chart the excavation work and the effects of the raising of the water level.

In the Preiviikinlahti Bay area the effects of mowing work will become clear by monitoring the bird population, vegetation and biotopes. Aerial photographs of the area will allow the changes in the shore meadow area to be charted. The effects of the work in Raijalanjänjärvi Lake on the numbers of resting birds and their settlement in the area will be clarified.

The effects of the restoration of mires and forests on the natural environment are only really appreciable after a long time has passed, perhaps only after decades. But estimates of the effects of the project can be made while it is still in progress by observing the changes in the surface area of drainage areas, amongst other things.

Published 2014-06-19 at 14:54, updated 2014-06-19 at 14:54