Summary: Until 31.12.2010

Kokemäenjoki-LIFE started in 1.8.2006 and will expire in 31.7.2012 (12-month extensions compared to the original extension date). The main objective is to protect the nature values of five target areas (Puurijärvi-Isosuo, Vanhakoski, Pirilänkoski, Preiviikinlahti and Kokemäenjoki delta) along the Kokemäenjoki-river in Southwest Finland. There are many project actions, the most significant being the prevention of the Puurijärvi-lake from overgrowing by excavating open water areas and raising the water level. The total project budget t is 3.4 million euro having 50% LIFE contribution .The beneficiary is the Southwest Finland Regional Environment Centre, which became a part of the Varsinais-Suomi Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) from 1.1.2010 in the state administration reorganization. There are seven partners and six co-financiers in the project. This is the third progress report, covering the period 1.8.2006 – 31.12.2010.

The project coordinator and contact person since 1.2.2011 has been Mr. Tommi Lievonen (before that, started 10.10.2006 Mr Tapio Aalto), the responsible supervisor is senior inspector Mr. Iiro Ikonen (before Mr Seppo Kotiranta and Mr. Esko Gustafsson). The supervising group has had eight meetings. There have been many other meetings with the partners and co-financiers and all the necessary agreements with them have been made.

The management planning work (A1) is unfinished. The Puurijärvi-Isosuo plan is ready, Vanhakoski is ready for publishing and Pirilänkoski is ready for comments. The background data on the Pori areas (Kokemäenjoki delta and Preiviikinlahti) have been gathered but the plans are still under preparation. Some of these data have been also published. The Kokemäenjoki delta soil survey is ready and will be published in 2011. Open project events for the public were arranged in all target areas in 2007. In Preiviikinlahti and Kokemäenjoen suisto the planning started in 2008, and new events were arranged. In all areas planning groups for participatory planning have been formed. In Pori areas the planning has been slower than expected. Partly, this is due to the background surveys, but also the other projects (eg. the Puurijärvi restoration) have demanded attention and working hours. Both of the Pori areas are very large with exceptionally varied usage, and so the planning is quite challenging.  As the project otherwise is almost finalized, the main work for 2011 can be finalizing also these plans.

The restorations, management work and the monitoring are mostly finished. There have been economical and weather-related (winters) challenges with the Puurijärvi restoration (A2, C1, C2). After detailed construction planning, the dam and embankments costs were estimated to be twice the original amount and the work needed to be re-designed. The excavation was also more costly as partly it had to be done during open water, instead of excavating from the ice cover (appr. 3 times more expensive).  Working methods were re-assessed and solutions were found, without jeopardizing the nature conservation objectives or other project actions. The original gate-structured dam was replaced with a submerged weir, one embankment was replaced by raising field levels with excavation masses and the excavated area was slightly reduced. The dam and embankments building was finished in autumn 2010. The excavated water area is appr. 13 hectares (the aim was 12 hectares). Resolving the economical and weather-related challenges has delayed the monitoring and socioeconomic survey schedule. The challenges were solved during the spring and summer 2010 and the needed corrections will be made in 2011 (monitoring) and 2012 (socioeconomic report).

The excavation work of the small pools in Raijalanjärvi (C5) is finished, but since the water management has been challenging, further planning is done also in 2011. The ditch filling of Vanhakoski (C7), the Enäjärvi restoration (C8) as well as the restoration of swamps and forests (C3, C4) are finished according to area aims. In Preiviikinlahti, shore meadow management (D2) has been done according to the plans and in some areas it has been possible to restore more area than originally planned.

The bird watching tower and its parking place in Raijalanjärvi have been built as well as the Puurijärvi's bird watching platform and a trail for the disabled. Almost all the recreational structures in Vanhakoski and Pirilänkoski have been built (E1, E2, E3). Most of the information boards in Puurijärvi have been completed (E3). The Puurijärvi two bird watching towers will be completed 2011.

The project has actively communicated itself towards the media (F1). It has also had possibilities to pass know-how to other similar projects in different meetings. The project has regularly updated web pages in Finnish and in English. A brochure in Finnish was published in December 2007. All in all, 15 press releases and 7 articles have been written. There were at least 51 articles in magazines and newspapers so far – also some radio interviews have been done. The project's image in the media has been positive and supporting. Also the Puurijärvi restoration work and it's timetable problems were treated in a positive manner in the press.

Published 2014-06-26 at 15:09, updated 2014-06-26 at 15:09