Summary: 1.8.2006 – 31.12.2009

The supervising group, in which all the partners and co-financier's have representation, has had six meetings. Naturally there have been many other meetings with the partners and co-financiers.

The management plan work is unfinished. The Puurijärvi-Isosuo area plan is ready. The Vanhakoski draft is ready and the background information on the other areas has been gathered. Some of these, eg. The Yyteri dune report have been published. The Kokemäenjoki delta soil survey will be published during 2010. Open project events for the public were arranged in the target areas in 2007. In Preiviikinlahti and Kokemäenjoen suisto the planning started in 2008, and a new event for the public was arranged. In all areas, a planning group for participating planning has been formed. In Preiviikinlahti and Kokemäenjoki delta the planning has been slower than expected. Partly, this is due to the background surveys, but also the other project's work (eg. the Puurijärvi restoration) has demanded attention. Both of the above areas in Pori are very large with exceptionally varied usage, and so the planning is very challenging, demanding good background surveys, communication and debate.

The restoration and management work is mostly finished, and the monitoring has been started. There have been challenges with the costs of the Puurijärvi restoration and the weather conditions have also caused some problems. After detailed construction planning, the costs were estimated to be twice the original sum. The costs of planning and building the dam and embankments will be much higher than estimated. Also the excavation has been more expensive, since some of it had to be done during open water, instead of excavating on the ice cover. The project reassessed the working methods and managed to find solutions without jeopardizing the nature conservation objective or any other project actions. The original plan was somewhat altered: the gate-structured dam was changed to a submerged weir, one embankment was replaced by raising the protected field level with excavation masses, the excavated area was slightly reduced. The building of the dam and embankments were started after the project period in February 2010. The excavated water area is now 10 hectares (the aim being 12 hectares). Finding solutions for the challenges have delayed the timetable. This has affected especially the monitoring schedule and schedule and content of the socioeconomic survey. The first part of the socioeconomic report was published as an e-book in March 2008.

The excavation work of the small pools in Raijalanjärvi is mostly finished. The filling of the Vanhakoski ditch, the Enäjärvi restoration as well as the restoration of swamps and forests are finished according to area aims. In Preiviikinlahti, shore meadow management work has been done according to the plans and in some places it has been possible to restore more area than originally planned.

The bird watching tower and its parking place in Raijalanjärvi have been built as well as the Puurijärvi's bird watching platform and a trail for the disabled. The recreational structures in Vanhakoski have been built, in Pirilänkoski the most part is finished. Most of the information boards in Puurijärvi have been completed. The rest of the Puurijärvi structures (information boards, two bird watching towers and one path) are linked with the schedule of the restoration work and are under preparation. The project plan was defined, based on the information gathered in the management and use plan work.

The project has communicated actively and it has also had a possibility to pass its know-how and knowledge in different meetings. A brochure in Finnish was made during autumn 2007. In all, 15 press releases were written and 7 articles also by the project. There were at least 40 articles in journals and also some interviews in radio. The project's image in the media has been positive and supportive. Also the Puurijärvi restoration work and it's timetable problems were treated in a positive manner in the press.

Published 2014-06-26 at 15:13, updated 2014-06-26 at 15:12