Summary: 1.8.2006 – 31.12.2008

A supervising group, in which all the partners and co-financiers have representation, has had four meetings during the reported period. In addition, there have been many other meetings with the partners.

The management plan work is unfinished. Puurijärvi-Isosuo area's plan is ready, but the publication is still in progress. During May-June 2007 open project events for the public were arranged in the target areas. In Preiviikinlahti and Kokemäenjoki estuary started in 2008, and then a new event for the public was arranged. Planning groups (with landowners, users etc.) in all areas for participating planning were established. Background surveys for the plans have been mainly made. Some of them have been already published and some are still in progress. A draft of the sediment and earth survey in Kokemäenjoki esturay was prepared in December 2008.

The photo represents nicely how harrowing can be a very effective way to get rid of reed. In August 2007 the reed bed area on the left side was both mowed and harrowed with a machine in contrast to the right side, where the reed bed area was just mowed. After one year, reed has almost disappeared from the harrowed area. Preiviikinlahti 23.7.2008. Photo: Tapio Aalto

The restoration and management work, including monitoring, has been started. The arrangement and detailed planning of the restoration in Puurijärvi, and also excavation, has begun. There have been challenges with costs of the Puurijärvi restoration and weather conditions of winters have also caused some problems. These have had effects on restoration's timetable too. During the period, 4 ha of new water area has been excavated in Puurijärvi. The problem is that nowadays winters are even warmer than before and it is difficult to have a supporting ice coat for the needed time. The costs of Puurijärvi restoration, especially the costs of building a dam and needed embankments (see the previous report), will be higher than estimated. Therefore we have put a lot of effort to the reassessment of this work, and we have succeeded in finding solutions and rationalizing the restoration work with respect to cost-efficiency, without jeopardizing the nature conservation objective or any other project actions.

The excavation of small pools in Raijalanjärvi started in the autumn 2006, and about half of them have been carried out. We are also prepared to improve them later on. In Vanhakoski the restoration of the ditch has been done. In Enäjärvi and Puurijärvi-Isosuo area the restoration work started effectively just after the report period, thanks to suitable winter conditions. In Preiviikinlahti management work has been done according to the plans. 2-3 hectares more have been mowed by voluntary work than described in the project application. Mowing and harrowing with machines was done in August 2007 and 2008 and the course of these, events and briefing for the public in the management area was arranged.

The bird watching tower and its parking place in Raijalanjärvi have been built as well as Puurijärvi's bird watching platform and a trail for the disabled. The building of the bird watching tower in Kokemäenjoki estuary started in the beginning of 2009. Some of the information boards in Puurijärvi have been completed. There is some focusing in Vanhakoski and Pirilänkoski, based on management and use plan work, and the recreational structures will be carried out mainly during this year.

The project has communicated actively and it has also had a possibility to pass its know-how and knowledge in different meetings. A brochure in Finnish was made during autumn 2007. In all, 12 press releases were written and 7 articles also by the project. There were at least 35 articles in journals and also some interviews in the radio. The project's image in the media has been positive and supportive. The first part of monitoring social and economical effects has been done and this was published in the Internet in March 2008.

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