Summary: 1.8.2006 – 31.10.2007

The administration of the project has been organized according to the project plan. A supervising group was established, and all the partners and co-financiers have representation in it. The group had two meetings during the reported period.

The management plan work with background surveys has started. During May-June 2007 open project events for the public were arranged in the target areas. In Preiviikinlahti and Kokemäenjoki estuary planning will begin in 2008, and then there will be a new public meeting. In these areas the conservation situation and the need for gathering background inventories are the reasons for this timetable. In Kokemäenjoki estuary, the field work of the sediment and earth survey was done during the summer 2007. The dragonfly inventory of Puurijärvi was published (in Finnish) in autumn 2007.

Kuva:  Tapio Aalto

The restoration and management work including monitoring has been started. The arrangement and detailed planning of the restoration in Puurijärvi, and also excavation, has begun. The costs of raising the water level (planning and building a dam and needed embankments) will be higher than estimated. One important reason for this is, that according to the elaboration, the ground under the dam and its' embankment is looser than evaluated and there will be a need for strong stabilized constructions for this embankment. However, the elaboration is still unfinished and the evaluation of these costs is under way. The excavation started in February 2007, and 1,5 hectares of new water area was opened. This work is done on ice, and the problem is that nowadays winters are even warmer than before and it is difficult to have a supporting ice coat for the needed time.

The excavation of small pools in Raijalanjärvi has been started. In Enäjärvi and Vanhakoski preparations for the restoration have begun. In Preiviikinlahti the mowing was done by voluntary work on a two-year time scale and 2-3 hectares more than originally planned was mowed. Mowing and harrowing with machines was started in August 2007, and 28.5 hectares of overgrown meadow was mowed and 5 hectares harrowed. In the course of this, an event and briefing for the public in the management area was arranged.

The first part of monitoring social and economical effects was done, and interviews and enquiries were made by autumn 2007.

The building of a bird watching tower and its parking place in Raijalanjärvi has begun. The preparations for building the Puurijärvi bird watching platform and a trail for the disabled have also been started.

The project has communicated actively. A brochure in Finnish was made during autumn 2007. In all, seven press releases were written and five articles also by the project. There were at least 16 articles in journals and also some interviews in radio. The project's image in the media has been positive and supportive.

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