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A brief summary of the project:

Year 2011

Pirilänkoski management plan was presented to less than 20 members of the public 


The meeting took place at Ravintola Hakuninmäki in harjavalta where 20 people gatherd to discuss and learn of the Pirilänkoski management plan. Project coordinator Tommi Lievonen presented the essential contents of the plan and former coordinator and writer of the plan, Mr. Tapio Aalto was answering more detailed questions. In addition the Southwest Finland Centre for Economic Development was represented by inspector Tomi Laukka. Mr. Mikael Nordström from Finnish Forest and Park Service was available also for further questions concerning the future plans. Coffee and pastry was available for the participants.

The discussions which took place concerned mainly the future destiny of some of the structures within the area, local names of the locations and new ideas for nature path exhibition boards. Commonly accepted fact was that there is a lot of interesting facts in the local history which could well be presented within the nature path boards. Furthermore, the safety of the paths was brought up as some of the old trees were felt to present a possible safety threat towards the visitors. Such old trees were agreed to be an essential part of the area nature values. However, the Forest and Park service executes all sorts of maintenance works within the area and agreed to remove any obvious trees or branches which might present an obvious threat of falling down.

Kokemäenjoki-LIFE –project wishes to present warm thanks for all the participants!

Lake Puurijärvi restoration project celebration attracts public 


The finalization of Lake  Puurijärvi restoration took place in windy but mainly sunny weather. The occasion in Karhiniemi old village School gathered together over 100 people. Warm asparagus-soup, cake and coffee were provided next to a slide-show presenting the history and facts about the project.

Director General Mr. Timo Tanninen form the Ministry of Environment had the full attention of the audience.

Mr. Risto Timonen, the director of southwest Finland Centre for Economic Development welcomed the audience and thanked all the participants of the project for excellent co-operation. Different phases of the project were illuminated by project coordinator Mr. Tommi Lievonen, head of construction management Mr. Eero Laru and head of water resources Mr Juha-Pekka Triipponen. Director General Mr. Timo Tanninen form the Ministry of Environment greeted the finalisation of the project with joy and emphasized the meaning of such project nationally and globally. Areal director Mr. Erkki Virolainen from Finnish forest and Park service has worked with Puurijärvi area for over 20 years and presented warm thanks especially for the local people in his speech.

The celebration continued with 
a field trip to Mutilahti watch-tower, 
embankments and the weir

After the speeches there was a bus-ride to the weir and embankment area where also one of the new bird watch-towers is located. Well-known Finnish actor Mr. Antti Virmavirta gave a performance at the new tower quoting Finnish author Veikko Huovinen's nature related lines. After this ovar 60 participantsof the field visit took a look over the weir, the tower and lake Puurijärvi  which had already gotten its new colour; the former vegetational green had changed into water-blue and consequently also there was already major changes in the bird species observed. For example the Common Potchard (Aythya ferina) was much more abundant (more then 10 individuals) than ever before.

The occasion had rather fair media attention – many of the main newspapers wrote about the happening and also the nation-wide TV-channel MTV3 broadcasted a clip over the issue in the prime-time news.

Karhiniemi village school parking lot was filled by the cars of the participants.

Kokemäenjoki-LIFE –project wishes to present warmest thanks for all the participants who made the occasion successful and memorable!

The largest bird wetland area restoration celebration on 24th May 2011

Puurijärvi-lake restoration project has been the largest bird wetlands restoration project so far in Finland. The massive embankment and submerged weir construction was finalized in 2010. The water level elevation has risen during the spring 2011. On 24th May, on the European national Park day, the completion of this 7-year project structures in Puurijärvi are being celebrated. Preventatives from Forest and Park Service, Ministry of environment and Southwest Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment will be present and also there will be rotation bird-guidesin Puurijärvi-Lake watch-towers.

29th March 2011

The massive embankment and submerged weir construction was finalized in 2010. The water level elevation seems to work already.

The Puurijärvi Lake works for water level heightening and open water area excavations have been carried out since 2007. The project budget so far reaches up to approximately 3.5 million euro. The challenging winter conditions have delayed the project in many years, but finally the project was practically completed in the last months of the year 2010. Only minor finalization works remain and the water level has already started to rise.

Southern part of Puurijärvi Lake. Restoration work, aerial view. August 2010.
Photo: Lentokuva Vallas Oy.

The project has been massive as for example the amount of the ground material removed has been estimated to be 170 000 m3.  Excavation work has been carried out from the ice cover when possible but also pontoon machinery has been used. The object of the restoration work is to prevent Puurijärvi-lake from overgrowing and provide more open water area, which is important to numerous bird species nesting and resting within the area.

Left: Pontoon digger used in addition to standard diggers in Puurijärvi excavation works. Right: In December 2010 there was already overflow of water passing the submerged weir. Open water area can be seen in the background. 
Photos: Eero Laru, Juha Aaltonen / Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Southwest Finland.

The open water area forming to the southern areas of the lake can be observed easily from the new watch-tower, which will be built during spring 2011. There will be also another tower in the North end of the lake. The project has already built a watching platform for the disabled and it has been already in use in the middle parts of the lake. The platform is reachable with a wheel-chair. There will be festivities for the completion of the new towers and the restoration work in the late spring 2011.

The Kokemäenjoki LIFE project will continue until summer 2012.

Additional information available from 
Project Coordinator Tommi Lievonen

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