Handling of the waste shipment permit

The stages of the permit procedure

The notification of the shipment of waste is submitted to the competent authority of the country of dispatch.
After the authority has received the notification documents, the permit procedure continues as follows:

  • Three working days are allocated for reviewing the notification documents and its attachments.
  • If the documents are incomplete or contain errors, the authority of the country of dispatch will contact the notifier to ask for corrections and/or additional information.
  • Given their completeness and correctness, the authority of the country of dispatch will forward the documents to the competent authorities of the countries of transit and destination.
  • The authorities of the countries of transit and destination may request additional information according to Appendix II of the regulation. Additions to the notification must always be sent to the competent authorities of the countries of dispatch, destination, and transit. The shipment permit will not be granted if the requested additional information is not provided, if it is submitted too late, or if it is incomplete.
  • If the authority of the country of destination considers the notification appropriately completed, an acknowledgement will be sent. This acknowledgement is sent to the notifier, to the consignee as well as all competent authorities.
  • All competent authorities must make their decisions in writing within 30 working days of the date of the acknowledgement of receipt. The decision may be positive or negative, in accordance with Article 11 or 12 of the Regulation.

An appeal against a permit decision by the Finnish Environment Institute may be lodged with the Administrative Court.

In transit countries within the EU, a permit might be granted by way of "silent consent", meaning that the permit is considered given if no decision to the contrary is issued within 30 working days of the date of acknowledgement.

Shipment for interim recovery

The permit and approval procedures vary slightly depending on whether the waste is shipped for interim or for final processing. Article 15 of the Waste Shipment Regulation concerns interim measures of recovery or disposal. As a basic principle, all operations from interim to final processing are taken into account when granting permits and monitoring shipments.

The consignee is responsible for submitting a new notification if, after interim processing, the waste is shipped to its country of dispatch, another EU member state, or a non-EU country for further treatment. If temporary and final treatment are performed in the same country, the form to be used is Annex 1 of Correspondents’ Guidelines 3.

If waste is shipped for interim recovery, additional provisions are included in the agreement between the notifier and the consignee, as required by the Waste Shipment Regulation. The Finnish Environment Institute has drafted an contract template for interim recovery.

Validity period of the permit

As a general rule, the waste shipment permit is valid for a year. The Finnish Environment Institute grants permits for the period applied for in field 6 of the notification document (Annex IA) or a shorter time. Permits for waste shipments to facilities granted pre-consent may be issued for a maximum of three years, if all authorities involved agree on the matter.

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