Dispatching shipment of waste

Responsibilities of the notifier and the consignee

  • The notifier shall ensure that all authority permits are valid and that the financial guarantee has been approved before dispatching the shipment.
  • The notifier shall report the amount of exported waste to the environmental monitoring system (YLVA) maintained by the environmental administration on an annual basis.
  • The contents of the shipment must not be mixed with other waste during transport.
  • All documents concerning shipments of waste shall be stored for three years.

Movement document procedure

The signed movement document (Annex IB) shall be enclosed with each shipment. Furthermore, copies of the decisions by all competent authorities shall be enclosed with each shipment of waste. These movement documents shall be stored by the receiving facility.

For each shipment of waste, the movement document is sent three times to the Finnish Environment Institute and the other competent authorities:

  1. The notifier submits a preliminary notification of the waste shipment no later than three working days before dispatching the shipment.
  2. Upon receiving the waste, the receiving facility sends a notification of acknowledgement to all authorities, signed in field 18 of the movement document.
  3. After recovery or disposal is completed, the receiving facility sends a notification of completion to all authorities, signed in field 19 of the movement document.

The movement document is sent to the Finnish Environment Institute by e-mail to movementdocwasteshipments(at)ymparisto.fi or by fax to +358 9 5490 2491.

Changes in the shipment after consent

A new notification must be submitted if the notifier wishes to make one of the following changes:

  • significant changes to the route
  • extending the validity period of a waste shipment permit
  • adding a new country of transit
  • increasing the amount of waste in the shipment

No new notification is required if the notifier wishes to add a new transport company. In this case, a written (e.g. e-mail) notification of the change to all competent authorities is sufficient. Any changes must be approved by all competent authorities.

Neglect in waste shipments

Neglecting responsibilities in connection with shipments of waste may lead to revocation of the waste shipment permit and refusal of future permits. Consent may be revoked for example, if:

  • the composition of the waste deviates from the notification
  • the terms of shipment are not complied with
  • the recovery or other treatment of the waste at the receiving facility is not in accordance with their environment permit
  • the waste shipment is performed or planned in other than the reported fashion
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