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Contract on waste shipment

Transfrontier shipment of waste must be based on a written contract according to Article 5 of the EU Regulation on Shipment of Waste.

Parties to this contract are usually the notifier and the consignee. If the consignee and the operator of the waste processing facility are not identical, the contract shall be signed by the notifier, the consignee, and the operator. The signer of the contract may be a person registered in the trade register and authorised to sign, or the authorised representative of such a person.

The contract must cover the entire shipment from its point of dispatch to the facility of recovery or disposal. A copy of this contract shall be included with the notification.

The contract shall include the information referred to in Article 5, subsection 3 or 4 of the EU Regulation on Shipment of Waste:

  • The notifier shall take back the waste according to Article 22 and Article 24, subsection 3, if the shipment is not carried out according to plan or in disregard of the provisions given in the regulation.
  • The consignee shall take care of the waste if the shipment is illegal according to Article 24, subsection 3.
  • The consignee shall provide the notifier as soon as possible, but no later than a year from receiving the waste, with a document certifying the environmentally safe processing of the waste.
  • The operator accepting the waste for interim recovery or disposal operations shall submit a new notification when forwarding the waste for final processing to a country other than that of interim recovery or disposal operations.

The contract shall be in force for until a certificate according to the waste shipment regulation on the completion of the recovery or disposal of the waste shipments has been issued.

If the waste is taken to interim recovery, such as pre-processing (R12) or storage (R13), additional provisions shall be included with the contract required by the regulation. The Finnish Environment Institute has drafted contract templates for the shipment of waste for recovery and disposal, for interim recovery (R12, R13) as well as for shipments of green list waste.

Published 2013-09-09 at 13:05, updated 2020-06-03 at 15:59