Transfrontier shipments of waste

International legislation

The supervision and control of international waste shipments is based on Basel Convention on the control of transfrontier movements of hazardous wastes, on the OECD Decision on the control of transfrontier movements of waste destined for recovery operations and on EU Waste Shipment Regulation. Basel Convention and decision of the OECD concerning transboundary movements of waste are taken into account in the EU Waste Shipment Regulation. In Finnish national legislation, provisions for transfrontier shipment of waste have been made in the Waste Act.

Waste shipment permit requirement

As a general rule, a permit is required for transfrontier shipments of waste. Transfers of non hazardous, so-called green list waste within the OECD area, for the purpose of recovery, constitute an exception to this rule.
The waste exporter is obliged to verify whether exporting the waste requires permits from waste shipment authorities.  If waste is exported without a permit, the shipment may be illegal and punishable according to the Waste Act.

Information on Finland's transfrontier shipments of waste

As a general rule, waste transport permits are valid for a year. The annual number of permits granted is about 200. In 2020, the number of individual waste shipments under these permits was about 13 000.

National report according to the Waste Shipment Regulation Article 51(2) on inspections and illegal waste shipments, reporting year 2020.

Competent authority in Finland

In Finland, the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE acts as the competent authority in relation to transfrontier shipments of waste. The duties of the competent authority are, among others, handling of notifications concerning transfrontier shipment of waste and decisions related thereto, supervision and control of transfrontier shipments of waste in cooperation with the customs and police authorities, training and guidance in issues concerning transfrontier shipment of waste, and acting as a correspondent of the EU.
In questions related to transfrontier shipments of waste, please turn to the Finnish Environment Institute.


                               Image: Hannele Nikander

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