Citizen observation services

Citizen Observation Services consist of different methods for ordinary citizens to submit and share their observations of the environment. Modern mobile communications technology enables faster and more flexible ways of collecting observations made by citizens of a large variety of subjects.

With digital images, even quantitative observations and measurements of water quality, for example, can be derived from image data by using simple equipment which could be made available for numerous observers. A key issue is the centralised management and sharing of collected data. This is a requirement for the wider utilisation of observations made by citizens.

Methods and arrangements for professional utilisation of such data are demonstrated in SYKE: How to ensure reliability and availability of sustained voluntary observations?

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Timo Pyhälahti with iQwtr. © Kirsi Liukkonen-Hämäläinen,City of Orimattila.

Sub-project is administrated by SYKE. Lead is Timo Pyhälahti.

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