Batteries and accumulators and producer responsibility

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Letter to WEEE-importers (25.5.2016)

Producer responsibility

Batteries and accumulators are classified into portable, industrial and automotive. Examples of portable batteries and accumulators include single cell batteries (such as AA and AAA batteries) and batteries and accumulators used in mobile phones, laptops, cordless power tools, toys and household appliances. Industrial batteries and accumulators are, for example, batteries and accumulators used in electric cars and wheelchairs, back-up power supplies and lighthouses. Industrial batteries and accumulators are designed for industrial or professional use only.

Classification of batteries and accumulators (5.1.2015)

Depending on the type of batteries and accumulators a company imports or manufactures, company can take care of its producer responsibility in a different way.

If a company imports or manufactures portable batteries or accumulators, it usually joins a producer organisation.  There are two producer organisations for portable batteries and accumulators: Recser Oy and ERP Finland.

If a company imports or manufacturers lead acid accumulators (automotive or industrial), the company can join producer organisation called Akkukierrätys Pb Oy.

If a company imports or manufactures industrial batteries and accumulators (except lead accumulators), company can take care of its producer responsibility only by registering to the Pirkanmaa ELY-centre's national producer register. In addition, the company must organize and finance the waste management on behalf of the end-users of their products. A registration form is found from "Application for registration in producer database" on the right. The form is available only in Finnish and Swedish. There is no producer organisation for industrial batteries and accumulators.

Producer organisations are set up to take care of producer responsibilities on behalf of their members and to ensure cost-effective collection and waste management of batteries and accumulators.

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