We are reforming the Nature Conservation Act, take the survey and have your say.

Reform of the Nature Conservation Act begins with public consultation

Press release 2020-01-24, the Ministry of the Environment
The process to reform the Nature Conservation Act has been started with an online survey to hear the people’s views in the very beginning of the process. The project comprises the reform of the Nature Conservation Act and Nature Conservation Decree and drafting of a new act concerning the compensation for damages caused by protected species. The third element to be developed is ecological compensation. Take the survey.

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Finnish youth wish for strong international biodiversity targets and a clear plan to achieve them

Young people want strong targets to be set for biodiversity, and a clear plan to achieve the targets. According to young people, important elements to be taken into account include corporate responsibility and load to the environment caused by economic activities. On Friday 24 January, 60 young people from different parts of Finland met in a workshop organised by the Youth League of the Finnish Norden Association and the Ministry of the Environment to draft their own recommendations.
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Winter is an important driver for nitrous oxide emissions from boreal lakes

Boreal lakes emit greenhouse gases, but the magnitude of the emissions is still inadequately quantified. While the emissions of carbon dioxide and methane have been addressed earlier, those of nitrous oxide (N2O) have received little interest. A Finnish study published in Global Change Biology increases significantly the knowledge on the nitrous oxide emissions from boreal lakes. A joint project of Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Natural Resources Insti
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Assessment of the status of Finland’s waters

Status of lakes and rivers about the same as before, coastal waters have deteriorated

A new assessment of the ecological status1) of surface waters in Finland shows that 87% of the surface area of our lakes and 68% of our rivers are in good or very good condition. Eutrophication is still the most significant problem. There have been no major changes in the status of inland waters since 2013, except for some improvement in certain sites. The status of the Gulf of Finland has improved, but for the most part the status of coastal waters is not good. The risks associated with groundwater have not increased.


SYKE Policy Brief: Ecological compenstions are worth taking into use
In ecological compensation local damage caused by construction or industry is offset by improving biodiversity elsewhere.