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From policy to practice – Opening research data on phenology

31.10.2017 klo 14.34 Olli-Pekka Mattila, Kristin Böttcher, Kaisu Harju
SYKE released a new research data policy at the end of September. The aim of such policy is to indicate to a researcher what the institute expects to be done to the datasets produced in research and development projects. On the other hand the policy also gives the researcher the guidelines, how the data can be further distributed.
7.9.2017 klo 13.16 Hanna Alasalmi ja Jenni Attila
31.8.2017 klo 15.16 Saku Anttila
9.2.2017 klo 9.03 Timo Pyhälahti
27.10.2016 klo 9.02 Saku Anttila
29.6.2016 klo 9.03 Minna Santaoja
16.5.2016 klo 12.17 Kaisu Harju ja Olli-Pekka Mattila
26.1.2016 klo 14.27 Olli-Pekka Mattila
28.5.2015 klo 17.11 Timo Ryyppö
5.3.2015 klo 11.33 Juhani Kettunen
30.1.2015 klo 13.20 Saku Anttila