Baltic Sea scenery, photo Eija Putkuri

Ban on the discharge of sewage from cruise ships into the Baltic Sea

Press release of the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Transport and Communications 04/22/2016
The International Maritime Organization IMO decided on 22 April 2016 on the entry into force of the regulations concerning the special area of the Baltic Sea. By these regulations the discharge of raw sewage from passenger ships and ferries directly into the sea is banned. All the Baltic Sea states are unanimous in support of the decision. Read more

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Finland signed the Paris Climate Agreement – New York gave strong mandate to its implementation

Minister of Agriculture and the Environment Kimmo Tiilikainen signed the Paris Climate Agreement on behalf of Finland at the UN Headquarters on 22 April. A total of 170 countries signed this historical agreement in a high-level ceremony organised by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
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Policy certainty, solidarity and low costs drive Paris Agreement implementation

The historic global climate agreement, the “Paris Agreement” was opened for signature on the 22nd of April 2016. The negotiations on the implementation of the agreement start in May. These negotiations will be crucial for meeting the ambitious objectives of the agreement. A recent study finds that increased cooperation between countries and decreased mitigation costs resulting from enhanced policy can help to achieve the current contributions and also increase the ambition of future targets.


Second home tourism in Finland
Perceptions of citizens and municipalities on state and development of second home tourism

Second homes are an important part of Finnish leisure, mobility and rural policy. There are 499,000 second homes in Finland according to the official statistics, but this number is probably underestimated and over half of the Finns actually use the leisure opportunities offered by second homes.  Read more