Cycle of Phosphorus in the Gulf of Finland
Cycle of Phosphorus in the Gulf of Finland © SYKE / Kaskas Media, Teemu Hotti

The Gulf of Finland is slowly recovering

Press release, December 1, 2015, Finnish Environment Institute
Algae levels and phosphorus load from land have decreased in the Gulf of Finland during the last ten years. However, the nutrients from Baltic Proper and the anoxic water near the bottom slow down the recovery of the Gulf of Finland from the long-term load. This is revealed in the extensive research and monitoring carried out by Finland, Estonia and Russia within the Gulf of Finland Year 2014 project. More

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Government proposal on access to genetic resources and their utilisation

The Finnish Government today approved the Government proposal on access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their utilisation. Finland does not currently have general legislation governing access to genetic resources.
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Sustainable growth in Gulf of Bothnia receives significant research funding

the SmartSea project has been awarded funding by the Academy of Finland. The project studies the potential of the sustainable use of the Gulf of Bothnia and involves altogether eight research institutes.


Second home tourism in Finland
Perceptions of citizens and municipalities on state and development of second home tourism

Second homes are an important part of Finnish leisure, mobility and rural policy. There are 499,000 second homes in Finland according to the official statistics, but this number is probably underestimated and over half of the Finns actually use the leisure opportunities offered by second homes.  Read more