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Observation of the critically endangered Baltic Sea harbour porpoise starts again

Press release  06/21/2016 Ministry of the Environment
Early summer is a good time to observe harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea waters. Harbour porpoise is the only species of cetaceans in the Baltic Sea, and it is critically endangered. The population in the main basin of the Baltic Sea is estimated at about 500 specimens. Data from observations by citizens is a valuable addition to the research and protection of harbour porpoises. Read more

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Finland has decided on the enactment of the Nagoya Protocol on access to and use of genetic resources

Today, the Finnish Government approved a decree that ratifies the enactment of Nagoya Protocol in Finland. The Nagoya Protocol supplements the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, which is the first general and legally binding international agreement on access to genetic resources and the sharing of benefits. It is aimed at ensuring the conservation of genetic material for future generations and safeguarding the fair and equitable sharing of benefits between providers and users.
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Water balance model

New operative system for managing the water balance of mines

A new tool has been developed for predicting and managing the water balance of mines, which can be used to calculate the water balances of a mining area and produce forecasts to support mining operations. The tool allows mining operators to prepare for changes in water quantities and floods and ensure the adequacy of the water supply. In addition to this, the system provides information for regulating lake basins. The tool was designed as part of the recently concluded WaterSmart project.


Second home tourism in Finland
Perceptions of citizens and municipalities on state and development of second home tourism

Second homes are an important part of Finnish leisure, mobility and rural policy. There are 499,000 second homes in Finland according to the official statistics, but this number is probably underestimated and over half of the Finns actually use the leisure opportunities offered by second homes.  Read more