Tampere in the summer time.
Tampere in the summer time. © Photo: Riku Lumiaro.

A Tribute to Everyday Landscapes

Press release August 14, 2018, Finnish Environment Institute and the Ministry of the Environment
The #arkimaisema photography campaign of the Ministry of the Environment and The Finnish Environment Institute challenges people to take a look at their own everyday landscape with new eyes. More

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Earth Overshoot Day is today

Today, Wednesday, 1 August, people have used up all the resources the Earth can regenerate. It takes us only seven months to exhaust the natural resources that should last for the whole year. The biggest reasons for the overshoot are related to animal-based food production and to greenhouse gas emissions arising from transport and housing.
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Tyrskyt merellä 2

Algal bloom monitoring August 16, 2018: Typical cyanobacterial situation in the Finnish sea areas and lakes

Cyanobacteria are mixed into the water in the southern and south-western sea areas, and wide cyanobacterial blooms have not been observed anymore in the Finnish sea areas. In lakes, cyanobacteria are not present in most of the observation sites, but there are still some abundant cyanobacterial blooms in the southern Finland.

The state of the environment in Finland


The state of the environment in Finland - the fourth info package is looking at the climate change and curbing black carbon emissions. State of the environment in Finland -report is looking at how Finland fights climate change.


Policy Brief

A future the planet can accommodate
Respecting the limits of the earth is prerequisite for the well-being of humanity. Read more