Aranda’s Baltic Sea monitoring cruise: major Baltic inflow advances in the southern part of the Baltic Sea

Press release 17/2/2015 SYKE
A special focus of Aranda’s monitoring cruise this year was monitoring the major Baltic inflow that occurred in the Baltic Sea around the turn of the year. So far, the inflow has travelled approximately 200 km in the southern part of the Baltic Sea. “The inflow is not yet affecting the condition of the deepest parts of the main basin or the Gulf of Finland”, leader of the cruise Juha Flinkman explains. Read more

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Finns want more effective measures for mitigating climate change

Finns still consider climate change to be a major global threat, and wish decision-makers would adopt more active climate policies for mitigating climate change. Over 80% of Finns agree that international negotiations should swiftly lead to a newglobal agreement on climate change for reducing global emissions. This information comes from a survey carried out by TNS Gallup and commissioned by the state administration's Steering Group for Climate Communications.
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Dancing ruffs

Be enchanted by northern nature in a photography exhibition, introducing the unique nature of the Barents Region!

A photography exhibition featuring Barents Region’s nature opens today in Oulu. The exhibition is part of international cooperation on nature conservation in the Barents Region.


Publication SY 1 en 2015 cover.jpg Towards A Sustainable and Genuinely Green Economy. The value and social significance of ecosystem services in Finland (TEEB for Finland)

This report presents the results from the research project National Assessment of the Economics of Ecosystem Services in Finland (TEEB Finland). This pioneering project aimed to initiate a systematic national process for the integration of ecosystem services and related biodiversity (i.e. natural capital) into all levels of decision-making. Read more

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National adaptation policy processes in European countries

EEA_climate_adaptation_publication_125pxAdapting to climate change has reached the political agenda in most European countries, according to the most comprehensive analysis of adaptation in Europe published to date. Read more


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