© Photo: Ilkka Lastumäki / itameri.kuvat.fi

In lakes cyanobacteria have increased, on the southern coast local blooms

Algal bloom monitoring June 14, 2018, Finnish Environment Institute
Cyanobacterial blooms have since last week increased in lakes in Southern and Central Finland. In Finnish open sea areas no cyanobacterial blooms have been observed, but on the southern coast local blooms have occurred. Citizens can participate in the summertime cyanobacterial monitoring by submitting their own observations via the Havaintolähetti mobile phone application or by using the Järvi-meriwiki internet service (in Finnish or Swedish). More in Finnish

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Futures review of the Ministry of the Environment and Strategy 2030 published

The Ministry of the Environment has prepared a futures review and renewed its strategy to respond to changes in Finland and in the global environment, including climate change, urbanisation and sustainable use of natural resources.
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Merentutkimusalus Aranda

More versatile use sought for the Aranda after refitting

The extensive refitting of research vessel Aranda will be completed this summer. The Aranda has been refitted into a modern marine research vessel and the objective is to expand Aranda’s national and international use. For this purpose, the Finnish Environment Institute made the decision in May to make an effort to look for ways in which to use the vessel in a more versatile manner. This will help ensure the Aranda’s effective and active research use in the Baltic Sea and possibly in the Arctic